Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ice Capades

We went to see Disney Ice Capades on Saturday at Verizon Center and it was a great time. We got the tickets through Teresa, Jack's Godmother and they were great seats, right in the middle on the aisle.

The only thing that we didn't like was the kid in back of us who just couldn't help but kick the seats while his parents looked on and didn't say a word. That's not fair, they asked him once to stop, but who knows what they said, it was in Spanish and I don't know what "If you do that again, I will pinch you" is in Spanish. Whatever it was, he stopped, but only for a minute and was right back to kicking. I gave him the look and he finally stopped. That wasn't so hard now, was it?

Jack loved watching all the characters, it could have been on a stage and he would have been happy with that. Since it was on ice, they had to ramp it up and do a bunch of twirls and lifts, whch didn't make much sense for a fish to do or a puppet (pinnochio) for that matter, but it was entertaining for all of us.

I would suggest parking a few blocks away where its only $10 as opposed to Verizon Center, where they screw you at $25 for the event. If it was a business day, all day would only cost $15. Otherwise, a good way to spend a Saturday with the family.

I did have trouble after I dropped Kate off at the Ronald Reagan building for her Wine Show. They had the exit for 66 blocked, no signs, no warning, just a guy with a truck and yellow lights. I had to go all the way up Massachusetts Avenue and find the beltway, which was probably ten miles. Made it home fine, but what an ordeal. If you didn't know by now, DC sucks at traffic issues. Couldn't give a care for Virginians, come in, spend your moola, figure out for yourself how to get home. Good luck. I think DC stands for "Don't Care" sometimes.

While we were there, we saw a sign for the Circus in March, so maybe we will go to that. Its coming to the Patriot Center after that, so maybe we will just stay closer to home and save the gas/parking money.

Mesmerized by the action.

Mickey at the Ice Capades

Jack spent most of his time watching like this:

The Big Finish:

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