Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow

Heard enough about the snow? Nawwww. Well then these postings will be sure to remind you about how the last few days have been going. I have been digging when I go out, weather it be to the back yard (dog has to poop somewhere) or just to clear off the cars and driveway.

Mostly its been the driveway. We parked our cars all the way up, so I ended up clearing off the entire driveway. Next time I may just move the cars down a few feet and just clear off half the driveway. Word to the wise.

Every time I go out to clear off the driveway, the dog and the boy have been tagging along. They usually don't get in the way, but the dog is like my little stalker, she has to be close to me and watches everything I do. The boy just wants to be entertained, so I throw some snow on him and he's good. I tried to get him to help me shovel but he is not very strong and is lazy. What do you expect from a three year old? :)

We also made a snow angel or two and made a few snow drawings. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

What's Up, Chicken Butt?

Snow Angel.

No More snow, please.

Loyal Dog (and quite possibly my stalker)

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