Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving (Chuck E Cheese)

Mom and Dad treated the boys to a few hours at the local Chuck E Cheese while Karen and Kate slept in after getting up at 4:30 in the morning to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad were real troopers to take three boys to chucks for a few hours. I had never been and its a mad house even though the place was not all that crowded. They treated on the coins and I got the pizza. The place is a mini-casino for kids, same atmosphere, same energy. I even saw a kid outside who was begging for change saying he was down on his luck.

All the games will spit out tickets or ticket if you suck at the game. Each ticket is worth about 1 penny. The tokens are worth about 25 cents, so you know they are making some serious cash from this activity. I think the state will get involved in teh future, its a great racket for the joint.BTW - The boys eventually converted all their tokens onto tickets and came back with about 900+ tickets in all.

Joshua, Jacob and Jack taking a minute to realize how important it is to realize that family is - whoa, cool, its a dinosaur...

Mom, Joshua and Jacob taking a break.

Joshua driving a mouse, too?

Joshua playing air hockey while his brother gives him advice on how to beat the three year-old.

Me and Jack taking a break from all the chaos that is Chuck E Cheese.

Beep, beep, I am driving a mouse around. Where else can you do this?

I don't know who was showing who how to play some of these games. Sometimes Jack would direct, sometimes Dad would.

Papa John and Jack.

Papa John and Jack again.

Jack playing air hockey.

I wish Dada had been in this picture, but its still a pretty good shot.

Papa John and Joshua.

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