Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brewing Ginger Ale

My neighbor is a really crafty guy. He brews his own beer, welds stuff together and has been known to make his own cutlery. His latest creation was converting a freezer into a kegerator. This is basically hooking a tap system (with a C02 cylinder) into a freezer so it keeps your keg o' beer cool and ready to pour.

He found a recipe for home made ginger ale and we decided to make it. It was amazingly simple actually.

You start with some boiling water, add some sugar mixed with molasses and a bit of cinnamon. Let that dissolve and bring the boil down to a simmer. Then drop in a brewing bag filled with lemons, limes and some chopped up ginger and steep that for a half an hour. Basically you are making a tea and infusing the water with these flavors.

Cool it off and tap it into a keg (pony keg) Let the C02 do its thing under 35 pounds of pressure for a couple days and its good to drink. We tapped it a few weeks ago, before Thanksgiving and it was goood. It tasted so fresh and clean.

Steeping Bag.

Steeping nag before it goes in the water.

Boiling the Water.

Ginger, lemon and lime in a steeping bag.

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