Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We spent Christmas Eve at the Witchey's and had a really nice dinner. Fresh Oysters, good wine, ham and all the trimmings. Frank and Debbie outdid themselves. We had the chance to meet some of the relatives from Debbie's side of the family, including her father and his wife and her children. Papu and Grandma Witchey were up from South Carolina and had dinner with us as well.

We usually go over to the O"Briens for Christmas Eve, but this year we switched it up since we almost never see Frank, Debbie and Maddy. We did see the O"Briends the day before since it was GG's birthday and we had dinner and presents over at Reet and Jim's.

Christmas morning we had Grandma Witchey and Papu over in the morning and let Jack open all his gifts. He caught on pretty quick on how to open stuff and that there were toys inside. I think he was overwhelmed after a few minutes and wanted to play with all of them at once.

Here are some pictures.

Jack got a ride-on loader from GG Goodyear, he tried on the helmet and watched as I put it together. I have to get some "C" cell batteries so we can see how it works with the batteries. Meanwhile, he was pretty happy just to get on it and ride it around.

This is Jack opening up Lynne's block puzzle. He hugged it after he opened it since it showed a cow. Not sure why. The puzzle is really six puzzles in one, which is a neat idea.. Thanks Gabby and Lynne!

Jack and his wooden tractor.

Jack looking through the 3D viewer Santa brought him. Once he figured out how to advance the next slide, he thought this was cool. He kept telling Grandma what he saw, which only he could see in the viewfinder, so it was funny that he kept trying to convince her that they were both seeing it, when only he could see it. "Its a Birdie, see it?" while he looked through the viewfinder.

Jack unwrapping one of his Thomas Train set, the plastic version. Apparently, there are about three different types of Thomas Train sets you can get and we have them all covered now. But you really can't use any of them together, which is a bummer, but Jack doesn't really notice that. He just likes to play with them weather they fit or not.

Jack unwrapping some presents from the Witchey's, Thomas Train wooden tracks. He has been playing with these all morning.

This is a picture of Papu and Grandma at Frank & Debbie's, Jack took this picture, he loves camera's and cell phones. I always make sure he keeps the wrist attached to him if I let him use the camera, though.

These are the Dean & Deluca cookies that my Mom sent, man those are good cookies. As an artist, these things were very well done artistically, like they were painted with precision and care. I almost didn't want o bite into them, but i did. Thank goodness Mom sent two boxes, cause them's is good eats!

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