Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Dinner with The Fritz's

We went over to the Fritz's for Christmas dinner yesterday afternoon. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, scalloped potatoes, rice, green beans, croissants and corn. I have been eating well the last few days. Kare and Tim know how to cook up a great meal.

Tim finished installing some hardwood floors in the family room and removed a pillar and low wall divider and did a great job. He is a perfectionist and believes in doing something the correct way, so it always looks like it was crafted. He has almost finished the basement as well and it looks good, too. It is hard to get drywall to not leave seams or have some cracking, but he did a great job, along with the crown molding.

We had dinner and then exchanged some presents. jack got a big can of play doh, which has all kinds of tools and stuff inside it. The can was almost as big as himself, so it was funny to watch him lift it up and carry it.

We watched Kung Foo Panda on DVD and laughed a lot, it was a good movie, I recommend it to anyone. Tim likes Kung Foo movies, so it was right up his alley and I lie animations and CGI. Jack watched it all the way through, which tells you it was entertaining. He doesn't sit still for much, and never for over an hour unless he's asleep.

Jack also got an electric piano that he like d to play with. It has an MP3 hookup to it, so I may have to experiment with it as well. He likes anything that makes musical sounds.

Grandma Fritz (Karen) gets a hug and a gift.

Grandma showing Jack how te snowman/music box works:

Grandma Fritz and Jack

Unloading the Play-Doh present.

GrandDad Fritz and Jack.

Andy opening his present.

Jack and Zach

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