Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why McCain Will Lose Virginia

Three young men showed up at my door Saturday morning, they ignored the Obama sign on my front lawn and knocked on the door to distribute McCain/Palin and Keith Fimian brochures. I thought it odd it took three of them to deliver these materials. I did not want to talk to anyone that would have the guts to deliver political materials to someone who had a sign in their yard making it pretty clear who they were supporting.

I didn't know they were supporting the Republican candidate initially because I didn't answer the door. I waited for them to go away, like I do when the Hare Krishnas come to my door. I retrieved the information after they left, its easier to let salesmen and others go away than to deal with them. I ran a quick errand to the bank and after I got back from that, these guys were making their way down the other side of the street. At that moment, it struck me why I resented these kids in my neighborhood.

I took the opportunity to ask them if they saw the Obama sign in my front yard and why would they think that I would be interested in their candidates information. They were nice enough, introducing themselves to me and apologized for not seeing the sign, which is prominently displayed about three feet from the sidewalk and road.

They all looked young, so I asked them what they did for a living. They all were high school students, all three. I pointed out they none of them had ever had a full time job, ran a business, paid a mortgage, made a car payment let alone been out from under their parents wing. How could they even think about telling me who I should vote for?

I also told them to go back to their precinct captain at their headquarters and tell them never to send a college student or high school student into a blue collar neighborhood to dispense their materials. It doesn't play well. Four years ago, Kerry had college students bussed in to steel towns in Pennsylvania and that didn't go over very well.

They were speechless.

I wish I had all my bills paid for by someone else, no responsibility and thought my tax rate was 5% (for sales tax). I'd be out stumping for the party in power too.

The guys that represent the Republicans in Virginia are out of touch. This is why I think they will lose Virginia.

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