Saturday, October 11, 2008

Visit to Cox Farms

Since I worked a few hours last Saturday for the Library at the Fall for Fairfax, I took three hours of comp time on Friday and picked Jack up early, came home and picked up Kate and we went to Cox Farms. Cox Farms is a farm out in Centreville that has all types of farm animals and plenty for kids to do. Cows, Pigs, Goats, Calves, slides, pumpkins, a corn field maze and a hay ride.

We went to see the little pigs first, about ten of them in a pen. Boy oh boy, the term "Knock a Buzzard off a Turnip truck at 50 feet" could apply to that pen. I caught a wiff while we were looking at the pigs and it nearly knocked me off my feet. If you aren't ready for it, its jarring. (And I have the worlds worst sense of smell)

Jack wasn't into the big slides at first, so we did a few other things like the corn field maze, (which is not a maze at all, just a path that has a few alternate paths that lead to the same path.

Jack and Kate in Cornundrum

The Amazing Cornundrum

The largest pumpkin in the state was there as well, it weighs 1,006 pounds and greets you as you enter.

Jack did not want to wear his wrist band for some odd reason. He was pretty obstinent about it, too. We must have spent a good five minutes trying to convince him to wear it, to no avail. That kid has one serious focus when it comes to not doing something sometimes. I ended up wearing it.

After a few tries, he went with me on the big potato sack slide that you might find at a State Fair and he liked that. Kate caught it on video and I returned the favor when he decided to go with her on another slide that is a bit smaller.

Waiting for the Hay Ride

Getting something to eat

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