Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some People Shouldn't Drive

So after I picked Jack up and we are headed home, I stop at a light. The people in front of me are looking at something to the side. I thought they were looking at some people that were walking through a parking lot, but then I realized they were trying to get the attention of the guy in the car next to them.

The young guy in the back seat decides to undo his seatbelt and get out, that's when I see why they were trying to get the old guys attention. He left his cane on the back of his car, nestled between the back window and the trunk.

As the young guy grabs the cane and knocks on the window of the old guy, he looks up and takes his foot off of the brake. He starts to roll forward. The guy says to him to stop, but he just looks at the young guy while rolling. After what seemed like forever, the young guy grabs the car and is trying to keep it from rolling forward. Bam, he runs into the car in front of him. The young guy puts the cane through the back window and gets back into the other car, since the light has now turned and traffic is waiting for us to go.

I watched all of this and how it unfolded. I couldn't fathom that the old guy was just helpless to push on the brake to stop his car from hitting the car in front of him. He was so stunned that he was unable to keep his foot on the brake.

I looked over as I passed him and his mouth was pen and he still looked lost. He looked to be about 80 or so and I thought, how did you get your license? The guy that got hit in front of him was just getting out of his car and he did not look amused.

Its tough enough to drive even when you have all your faculties, but there is a limit that you just have to be able to hold when it comes to driving and thats not running into the person directly in front of you at a light. If you can't do that, its time you give up your license.

While I'm on the subject, why Virginia hasn't passed a law as far as outlawing cell phone use while driving or at the least, no texting while driving, I have no idea.

My commute is as short as 2.6 miles, but in those 2.6 miles I see (almost daily) one person who throws their cigarette out their window onto the ground and someone else who "blocks the box" at the intersection in front of my development. Even though I have a green light, the bozo has now blocked the turn because the traffic backed up and he had to milk the full space, leaving no room for anyone to get past. I sit and stare at these people because, since I can't move or turn, I have nothing better to do. Once in a while I will get a sheepish look and a sorry, most of the time its just a stare directly in front of them, trying to ignore me glaring.

Its time to start yanking licenses. Its not a right, its a privilege.

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MommaBlog said...

Love you Johnny! But you just cant control the other drivers, stupid people out number us so you are going to have to learn just to let it go!

As for old people driving, you will find as you get older you do not realize you have limits, much like you did when you were Jack's age.

Oh well. Just look after yourself and be glad you only have a 2.5 mile commute.

As for the texting and cell phone usage while driving in DC area? My guess is congress and our leaders are true idiots and are lazy and will not do anything that makes sense.

Be sure to vote against anyone with an INCUMBENT next to their name this November and see if the next batch can do any better. That is my plan!

Now go chill!