Friday, April 18, 2008

Tim's Birthday

We went up to G'Burg Sunday to celebrate Tim's birthday. Had dinner at Bucca Di Beppo, which has the best Italian food, a lot like Maggiano's, but the decor is done in "Early Satanic Ruby Tuesdays". The walls are red and lots of pictures of Sophia Loren, Frank Sinatra and every Pope since, well, there has been a Pope. Speaking of, they have a "Pope Room", its round and has a round table in it that seats about a dozen. The ceiling has a dome in it with clouds painted on it too.
Its amazing the amount of food they served, we had plenty left over.

We had a great dinner there, at least most of us did, Karen wasn't feeling great but she was a trooper and hung in there. She felt better later, so that was good.

And that's not all, because when we got back to Tim and Karen's, we had cake in honor of Tim's birthday.

But by far, the biggest surpise was when they gave me my belated-birthday present. They got me a Wii!!! Zach works at a video game place, so he was able to get a hold of one and Karen, Tim, Zach, Andy and Kate actually paid for it. What a surprise that was!!

I hooked it up and have been playing it every night. Bowling, Golfing, crossbow shooting, pool, ping-pong and other games. The Wii is coooooooool.

Thank you for a great belated-birthday, Fritz's!!

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