Monday, April 28, 2008

The Apple Store Opening (Fair Oaks)

Saturday morning Apple opened a store in Fair Oaks mall. One of my friends said that they were giving away t-shirts to the first thousand people. I took Jack along and we stood in line for about fifteen minutes - the line moved fast on account of most people were there to get a free t-shirt much like myself. They gave me and Jack a t-shirt.

We went through the store and found a small table in the back for kids games, so Jack sat down and just started to play the game. He went right for the mouse and started clicking the keyboard while watching the screen. Talk about intuitive.

Afterwards, Kate, Reet and Theresa met us at the Starbuck's just outside the store and we sat and talked while the ladies had their lattes.

After that we went and got some lunch so I could get to my Drawing program over at the library I was giving later that day. I got 30+ kids at my program - it was packed!