Tuesday, April 8, 2008

General Update

Jack and I were home today because he and I are fighting a cold. Child care called yesterday and said that he missed his nap (wouldn't go down) and didn't eat his lunch, so they took his temp and he was running a slight temperature. His nose was running this weekend but nothing big. I awoke with a sore throat yesterday, but it went away, but this morning, it was back and I felt like someone had poured cement into my head.

I have been slamming the OJ and eating stuff like yogurt and bananas. In general, I have been doing what I should have been doing in order not to get sick, like Kate does.

We did a deep-cleaning of the house this weekend and discovered that the ants are back. These little suckers are tenacious. I have some stuff that takes care of them, but it takes awhile before they take it back to the nest and kill the rest. Until then, I crush them with my thumb when I see them on the counter or on the floor. Ricochet used to be a good ant-catcher, but he is gone and we now have to rely on Alexander the Great(est blob of cat you have ever seen). If a stray insect gets in the house and happens to cross his path, he will get up and move rather than take care of the offender. I have actually witnessed this disgusting display of sloth when one of those spider-cricket things jumped on his paw and he just stared at it. Three words: No Killer Instinct.

I got a chance to work on my artwork again and completed another "Pop" piece, so that was very fulfilling. I am working on the next already.

With my new camera, I have been snapping a lot of pics of Jack being cute, nothing really new, just cute stuff that I observe, like when we were sitting at the table and he just sits back and relaxes, arms up. Very chillax. He likes to say "cheeeeese" when I take a picture now, so you can see how "cheesy" his smile is in a few of the pics.

Along with the new camera is new kinds of pictures. For instance, there is a little orangish light that goes on just before the camera takes an image, so that your eyes are dialated and you don't get red-eye. Well, this orange light is fascinating to Jack, so I have about 30 images of him pointing at the camera and mouthing the word "lights", which doesn't make a good picture.

I will post a short movie of the boy at the park from this weekend. He loves the park and likes the slides and rocking ride.

Thats about all for now.

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