Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Update on GG and Mrs. Betourne

GG is doing better today, she can say many more words and remembers almost everyones name. She had been calling everyone "Theresa" for the last two days, but they took her off morphine yesterday and she is much more lucid.

Kathleen and Kate have been making trips nightly to go see her and spend some time. Kathleen has been staying at the hospital overnight for a few nights to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't pull her IV out like she did the other night.

The doctor said today that she is progressing better and so far her prognosis doesn't include any further surgery in the near future. The bleeding has stopped so there is no more pressure on her brain and it should snap back and her words should come easier.

Tonight Kate and Kathleen went to see her and she remembered everyones name and also remembered me and Tino as well.

I called Mr. Betourne the other night and left a message. I wanted to pass on our hopes and prayers and inquire if Ms. Betourne is doing better. The next night, I got Mom's email that Mr. Betourne had sent out to update everyone on her progress. It looks as though there is measurable progress and I hope that her progress continues.

There isn't a night I don't go to bed and think about keeping those around me safe and healthy, somehow. Jack, Kate, GG, family and frriends. I am not very religious, but sometimes all you can do is say a little prayer and hope for things to get better.

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