Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Close One

What a week -
The week started out with Kate's Mom and Tino coming up to visit us because Tino had an interview in DC at a law firm. Kathleen (Kate's Mom) and Reet had noticed that GG had been acting funny lately. They decided to take her in for an evaluation when she was having trouble with some words. She was quiet on Sunday for dinner and later in the week she had been quiet as well.

On Friday we got some very bad news. They thought she had a small stroke. It turns out that GG had a subdermal hematoma on her brain (bleeding on the brain). The MRI confirmed it and she was scheduled for surgery for Saturday morning at 10:30, pending upon if her condition stayed stable. Kathleen (Kate's Mom) and Reet stayed the night at the hospital and the family all showed up early to wish her well. Margaret flew up from Florida and Abbie drove up from NC with baby Ellie.

We all went in to wish GG well before her surgery. She looked well, but she was hooked up to a lot of tubes and couldn't speak full sentences, but we could understand her. She was relieved that she was in the hospital and surrounded by family, but a little frustrated that she couldn't find some of her words.

The surgery was at 10:30 and we all waited in the waiting room. What a long wait that was.

A nurse came out after about 3 hours and assured us that the surgery went well and that they were just finishing up, it would be about 20 minutes and she should be out. An hour later, the doctor came out and said that the surgery was a success, a tube was put in to help alleviate any pressure build-up and they cleaned up the bleeding that had occurred. Apparently, there was also bleeding from a previous incident that had not been detected.

We all were very relieved, like a big exhale at once after hearing the news. Lots of tears.

Her prognosis is good. We will be back at the hospital tomorrow to check up on her and spend some time. If all goes well, she can go home as early as the end of the week. Right now, we just want her out of ICU. Baby steps.

We are relieved, but are also cautious, we know the situation is tenuous and can easily change for the better as easily as it can change for the worst. It makes me also thankful for my family. I also hope that Mrs. Betourne's situation is improving for the better as well. We are all saying our prayers tonight - for thanks and hope.

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