Thursday, January 25, 2007

Surgery Went Well

After a CAT scan yesterday, GG's doctor recommended another surgery after they found a small area on her brain where there was a space with fluid that needed to be cleaned up. So this morning GG had a second surgery - and it went well.

Kate went to the hospital this morning along with Kathleen and the rest of the family to be closer while the surgery happened. She called me and told me that it went well and that she was doing good.

I put Jack to bed tonight and he went right to sleep. Kate got home a few minutes later and reported that she was lucid and happy and very talkative. That is certainly good news. We are all going over on Saturday, including Jack to see her and spend some time.

In other news:
I had to come home early yesterday because I got a call from ECC saying that Jack had "Explosive Diarrhea". Apparently it went all over the place, up his back, down his legs. It took two ladies to clean him up and they dressed him in his other clothes - cause apparently this happens alot. I washed those clothes (which they wrapped up in baggies) three times to make sure all that stuff was washed out. Eww.

He was very happy and there were no more episodes, so far.


Snowelf said...

When Woobie was born and I was at my going away party in StL before I moved back up here, we had a little incident. We were at Dave and Buster's and one minute I was burping him and the next he was having projectile vomit all over me and all down my back! EW! I got a new shirt out of the deal, but thank goodness no one was sitting behind us!!! Hopefully Mr. Jack is feeling better and no more mess. Yuck!
How does all that fit in a wee little baby anyway? :)


Snowelf said...

oh and ps, I finally linked you guys on my blog. :) Whoo hoo! Glad the surgery went well!