Monday, October 7, 2013

Visit to Maryland

We went to see Kate's father the following week up in Maryland. We had worked out this trip a few months ago when we heard that the Fritz kids from the other side of the family were going to visit. We decided to make it a mini family reunion.

It was also Chelles birthday, so it was a built in excuse to have a party. So good to see everyone from that side of the family - haven't seen them since 2009? Or 08?

I got in a round and a half of golf with Tim (father in law), Skip (Tim's brother) and Chelle. (Skips daughter). I learned a lot and did better than I thought I would. I may take it up as a hobby and work on my swing to refine it.

We had a party that evening with some great flank steak and just about every other type of food you could imagine. It was quite a spread! Some good food!

We also broke in the new bar downstairs in the basement. Tim has been remodeling it for some time. During which he had a heart attack and helped up with our bathroom remodel project. But it's finally done and it turned out great. We actually laid down the cherry wood bar top the first night there. It it beautiful!

We walked around the back yard (huge) and let the kids explore. We found a walnut tree that was dropping its fruit, so we chucked those around, of course.

It was too cold to go for a swim, otherwise we would have done that. 

We left mid day on Sunday and headed back. It was a great visit but it was nice to get home too!

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