Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trip To Oklahoma

We arrived a little after noon and immediately went to Mom and Dads house. Karen and her boys stopped in a few minutes later. It gave Mom and Dad a little time to acclimate with our kids. Emma took to Mom pretty quick after a few tickles and giggles. After a few hours, we went over and got checked in at the Best Wetsern, where Mom had set us up in rooms with Kenny and his kids next door and Karen and her boys in the next room. It had an outside pool and a diner right there, so we were set.

The kids went in the pool that night and swam with their cousins. It still took some time to get them down that night, they were so hyped-up.

 Emma by the pool, being cute, as usual.

Jacob and his cousin Madison (Maddy), they are like brother and sister.

Real-life brother and sister Maddy and John Tyler (Kenny's kids).

 Two Johnny's.

 Jack, Joshua and Johnny at Robbers Cave.

 Me and Jack at the top of Robbers Cave, a great view!

 Paige (Kenny's oldest) and Emma, bonding.

 Everyone except Dad (where was he?)

 There he is! With Jack (Two John Kendrick Goodyears)

 Jack and Kenny, horsing around. I named Kenny "Chief Little Butt".

 We went to Johnny's baseball games in Eufala. He won both games! It was hot but nice to hang with the family for sure!

 Emma hanging on Kenny at the game.

 John Tyler with Mom.

 John Tyler with Karen.

 Me and Paige at the restaurant after the game.

 Emma, at the pool, after a long day.

 Maddy and Jacob, horsing around.

 Maddy and Jack. He warmed up to swimming in the water and is getting to better about swimming.

Mom and my kids at Aunt Anna's.

Me and Mom at Aunt Anna's
 Me, Aunt Anna and Mom

 Kate, John Tyler and Karen

Me, Jack and JohnTyler in the pool

 Emma and Jack at the pool

 Me and Jack at the lake by Robbers Cave

 Dad, Jack and Maddy at the pool

 Jack, with all his equipment on.

 Jack, Joshua and Paige at the Bowling Alley

 Kate and Emma at the Bowling Alley

 Everyone together after our dinner at the Isle of Capri. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

 Me, Mom and Kenny.

 Another pic of all of us.

 A "weird" picture of us.

 Kate and Karen

 Just before departing. Me and my family, with Mom and Dad.

All the kids by the Bison

 Kenny and Emma (with John Tyler photobombing)

Me and my kids outside our hotel in Memphis on the way back. (Kate took the picture)

It was a great trip. Loved to see Mom and Dad and my brother and sister!

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