Friday, June 1, 2012

Lucky Me

I was in the backyard yesterday and as the kids were playing, I noticed a bunch of clover on my lawn. I started looking to see if I could find a four leaf clover. I found one in five minutes.

I posted that picture on Facebook and got a lot of likes. Karen Gilmore (our neighbor growing up)  said she has never found one of those in her life. The next day, Emma and I went out to the front lawn and I thought about how special it must be to find one. I started looking again and found not one, but two, very close to each other.

I saved them, one of them the last one I let Jack pick and he can keep it. I tried to save one of them in a plastic resin but that didn't go so well. I wanted to preserve it but used the wrong stuff and pretty much encased it in plastic that is opaque, making it very hard to see.

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