Sunday, June 19, 2011

Becketts Birthday

The week before Jack's birthday was Beckett (a cousin). So we brought Emma and Jack to the party, which was a bunch of kids from their neighborhood, a blow-up swimming pool, squirt guns and burgers. My kind of party!

Beckett wanted a pinata so he had one in the shape of a big "4". Jack liked it so much, he asked for one for his own birthday. So we ended up getting one and I would recommend them, but only if a bat isn't involved. I found out from the one we bought, that they have streamers and if you pull those streamers, the bottom opens up and all the candy comes out. No bat, no broken bones or temporary blindness!

Anyway, I digress. Beckett's party was fun and he had a great time. Cake was the big highlight, of course.

Beckett and his cake! Yummmm!

Jack got a piece, too! Double yummm!

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