Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Special Note to Anonymous

So I got a few comment posts about a Subway post I made back in February of 2008, Why My Local Subway Sucks.

Three separate posts appeared in a manner of two days. From three different people, or so it seems. It is probably just one poster masquerading as three different people, one time posting the same message twice.

They start out somewhat OK, but the second paragraph of each is filled with bitterness. This idiot, who most likely works at a Subway, decided to Google "Subway Sucks" and came upon my post (its ranked number 2 currently), [mis]read it and then commented on it.

When I say he [mis]read it, I mean, he just doesn't possess proper reading comprehension skills. He made a few comments that were just plain wrong. If he had taken the time to fully read the post, he might have agreed with me. But what do you expect from a Subway employee that is Googling the term, "Subway Sucks".

He didn't stop there, he read through many of my other posts on the blog and tried to comment about "how nobody cares about your stupid kid and his trip to the dentist". But I disagree, a lot of people read this blog for the specific purpose of keeping up with what Jack is doing. My mother, various family members and friends to name a few.

A Pee in the Poo

One of Kate's friends read this and remarked that it looks like "A Pee in the Poo" because of the font used. As a Designer, I agree. But just because she mentioned it, I can't see it any other way.

Sfizi with Friends

We went to Sfizi the other night for dinner. We love their food, best, authentic Italian food for miles. My friend Lauren had a friend visiting from out of town and we invited another friend to join us too. Sarah was from out of town - she is funny and makes children's clothing. Paula and her daughter Soren also joined us and Jack took a liking to her, they enjoyed their italian cookies together.

Jack and Soren.

Blowing Out the Cake

Kate's Birthday Cake.

Grandma Comes for a Visit

Grandma Witchey came up for a short visit the next week, so we could celebrate Kate's birthday properly. Tino also made it up and Kate took a day so that they could spend the day together.

Jack and Grandma - with their tongues out.

Eating with Chopsticks

Our last night at Stephanie and Rustyns, we went out to eat at one of their favorite places. Rustyn and I had some apple sake, Kate had some awesome sushi and jack learned how to use chopsticks. (They were the kind that are stuck together, but he caught on quickly and liked using them.

Notice the finger extended when using them.

Trip to NC

We went down to North Carolina a few weeks ago for a Baby shower and to stop off and see Abbie and Jason at their new place.

We drove down 81, through the mountains, very scenic. Got to Stephanie and Rustyns place in the afternoon. Had a few beers and Rustyn and I drove around the grounds in the four-wheel ATV.

The next day we went out to breakfast and then over to Stephanie's sisters house in Waxhaw for the baby shower. Lots of gifts and unwrapping.

Congratulations, Mr. and Ms. McConnell, you have a 240 pound baby boy:

The next day we drove over to Abbie and Jason's new place outside Raleigh-Durham. They bought a new house and needed some help with moving in and decorating a few things (Kate's specialty). I babysat the kids and we all watched movies and ate chicken nuggets.

Little Nate.

Jack and Ellie "Hiding".

The kids at Chilis.

All three of the cousins together.

Haircut Time

It was time to get a new haircut, so I took him to the mall to get one. No big deal. It amazing how easy-going his personality has become with new situations.