Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trip to NC

We went down to North Carolina a few weeks ago for a Baby shower and to stop off and see Abbie and Jason at their new place.

We drove down 81, through the mountains, very scenic. Got to Stephanie and Rustyns place in the afternoon. Had a few beers and Rustyn and I drove around the grounds in the four-wheel ATV.

The next day we went out to breakfast and then over to Stephanie's sisters house in Waxhaw for the baby shower. Lots of gifts and unwrapping.

Congratulations, Mr. and Ms. McConnell, you have a 240 pound baby boy:

The next day we drove over to Abbie and Jason's new place outside Raleigh-Durham. They bought a new house and needed some help with moving in and decorating a few things (Kate's specialty). I babysat the kids and we all watched movies and ate chicken nuggets.

Little Nate.

Jack and Ellie "Hiding".

The kids at Chilis.

All three of the cousins together.

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