Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving in Raleigh (Rolly)

The cousins together.

I know, its spelled to sound like rally, but its pronounced rolly. Gets me every time.

After visiting Atlanta over the Thanksgiving holiday, we made a trip over to Raleigh to see more family ad have a big turkey dinner at Abbie and Jasons new house. Jack loves to visit with his cousins, thinks they are fun to play with and they all get along very well.

Ellie is growing into a little girl who is very sweet and is a pleaser, always wants to help in some way and likes anything that is fairy-related and pink. Nate is his own man, asks lots of questions and is really interested in Spiderman. He will also eat just about anything, he puts Jack to shame as far as eating habits go an will wolf down just about anything you set before him.

The kids spent a lot of time playing ,so at bed time, they were pooped, I don't think Jack had a nap at all during our trip, so he was cranky once or twice, but held up really well, considering.

An example of when one of the kids runs out of gas. They just lay down for a minute and boom, they are out like a light.

Nate gnawing on a drumstick on Thanksgiving.

We all found ways to keep ourselves occupied, Kathleen discovered the Nintendo DS that Nate usually plays and I think she is hooked.

Grandma playing with the DS while the kids look on and offer advice.

Ellie and Nate.

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