Sunday, August 15, 2010

BrickFair 2010

A few years ago I discovered Brickfair, a huge show for Lego enthusiasts such as myself who can go and see other what other Lego nuts have made. This year it was at the Dulles Expo Center out in Chantilly and I was geeked because it was the first time I would be bringing Jack along, who also loves Lego's.

Two of his friends from Child Care were also going so we ended up meeting them as well for a few hours of Lego fun. It cost $12 to get in, $9 for Jack, but once inside, it was packed with people who love Legos and lots of Lego-themed stuff.

We made our way to the back and worked our way all the way around the complex, must have seen millions of blocks and hundreds of buildings, some as high as 6 or 7 feet tall. There were a few lego cranes that were capable of lifting stuff. The cranes were about 12 feet tall and actually worked.

The small Fire Department, one of Jacks favorite since he is big into fire trucks and legos. (He got a Fire Department with two trucks for his birthday - thanks GG and Papa John)

Jack and Mason waiting patiently.

Jack and Mason watching all the action. (They were waiting for the train to come around again)

There were two scenes that were remakes of the Stay Puff Marchmellow man scene from Ghost Busters. This one was, I think, the better of the two. They even had little Ghost Busters that had their Ghost Buster ambulance.

This is thh second Stay Puff Marshmellow man scene from Ghost Busters.

Lego Town, with sidewalks, streets, people and cars.

More Lego Town.

A Lego Vitorian Brownstone. I loved seeing all the architectural stuff you could build with these simple bricks. It was really fascinating to see all the different things people came up with.

Lego Town Block. This was the first one we saw, it had an underground subway system as well.

I was impressed by the Lego skyscrapers that were five and six feet tall.

A real live Lego ranch, complete with Lego cows, Lego Cowboys and a Lego Barn or two. There was a Lego Train that surrounded all this.

This is the huge Lego castle which spanned three tables.

Lego High rises.

Jack in front of the Lego cranes that stood 12 feet tall.

A real concert scene with a bunch of Lego people in the crowd. I see a few lego groupies, a Lego drug dealer and even a Lego narc about to arrest him.

This is a small city clock that might be considered a village when compared to some of the other scenes.

Lego Buildngs in Lego City, complete with steets, sidewalks and people moving about.

One of the alleyways in the middle of Lego City.

Lego castle and Lego mountain.

A Lego Castle, this one turned out to be a small one compared to a few others we saw.

Another Lego Building.

Lego Building 1 - note all the detail they put into these things. Every once in a while you can spot an "easter egg", like a batman lego figure hiding out on top of one of the buildings.

Looks like a six-alarm fire in the middle of downtown Lego City!

Someone (or a few people) built a 777 airplane jet completely from legos.

Forest Scene built from Legos.

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