Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome, Nathan

My friend James and his wife had their first baby about three weeks ago. Nathan (or Nate) arrived on a Sunday. We had a baby shower at work for them that Friday and she wasn't due until the 17th, so he arrived early. At the shower, one of the trivia questions answers was how many kids arrive on their expected date and it was 2%.

James is taking time off to be with his new addition and I decided to stop by and see him last week for lunch. Ciarra, his wife and her father was there. Ciarra's father is the one holding the baby, his first grandchild, in the pictures.

I only visited a few minutes and made sure they know if they need anything to call. I know how it is those first few weeks of sleep deprivation. Still wouldn't mind having another. Jack could use a baby sister or brother.

Look at that kids hair. I am sooo jealous.

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