Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rudeness and Personal Space

So we went to Wegmans last night to grab some dinner, pick up Jacks prescription and grab a few things we needed.

We stopped off to get the prescription first, since they usually close about 6 and then we would have had to come back the next day. I get to the counter and am completing the transaction when a woman comes up and stands next to me at the counter. I kind of do a double-take, thinking she is going to ask a question or just needed to interrupt for a second for something minor. Nope, she is waiting in line, but wanted to wait next to me instead of in back of me.

I ask her if she wouldn't mind waiting in back of me and I explained that it's like being at an ATM, the last thing you want is someone imposing upon your personal space. She is incredulous about this, that I have the nerve to ask her to back off. Mind you, I'm at a Pharmacy, talking to a pharmacist, completing a transaction.

She still is incredulous and says that this isn't an ATM. She doesn't get it. So I step away and point out that she is obviously in a hurry, why doesn't she go ahead of me, I can wait. She won't back up, but she won't go ahead of me. The pharmacist finally steps in and we complete the transaction after the lady finally steps back.

What the heck? What is wrong with people? The world is so crowded you have to stand next to me instead of behind someone, now? If you think I am being a little anal about this, go stand next to someone at a counter the next time you are in a store or pharmacy or ATM and see what the reaction is of the other person.


Abigail said...

I'm with you on this one Johnny. You know I'm generally the first to argue with you, so you must really be right! Medical issues, mediactions, etc, are PERSONAL, as much or more so than standing at the ATM. The lady needed to back OFF, and you were percectly in within your rights to ask her nicely like you did. Now, if you honked your horn and pointed at her, I might take issue with it :P Seriously though, that's not anal. I always make sure to give people a little privacy when at the pharmacy counter. I expect other people to be just as considerate.

witch said...

Here are 100% right on this one. Even waiting in the grocery line I like some space. Most likely I don't know people in stores well enough to share 12 inches of space with them. This goes double at the pharmacy!!!

MommaBlog said...

You should have told her you were there to pick up your HIV medicine and then mention she might was to step back seeing as you frequently cough up blood and tend to spew on occassion. But if you do that you have to be believable. Its fun to freak people out.

Paul Duncan said...

I enjoy invoking this strategy: Look them in the eyes, swell up your tears, and give the largest bear-hug you can and start wailing "Momma!" (or "Daddy!" as the case may be) and start jumping up and down, give them a little swing and don't let go. Ever.

Bonus if you have an erection.