Wednesday, November 28, 2007

After Thanksgiving: South Carolina

We traveled to South Carolina after turkey day to see Kate's mom and Tino. Instead of driving back home, we thought it would be nice to stop by and give some equal time with his other Gramma.

We arrived in the evening and that night we went to see the Festival of Lights on James Island. If you have never heard of this or never been, then you should go and see it. It costs a few bucks per carload of people, but its a treat. There are about 100 light sculptures set up so you can drive through the park and see all of them. New ones are added each year. There is a special area set up that has hot chocolate and large wood bonfires so you can roast your marsh mellows. There are a few shops that have a lot of home made Christmas chotchki and ornaments, too.

There is a horse carousel and a stage with singers and Santa for the kids to get their picture. All of these things have lines that are about 60 people deep each, so they were not on our list of things we did.

An example of the homemade stuff that was in the gift shop, notice the mispelling of "scraps".

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