Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sunday is Funday

Mom (GG) sent a blow up pool thing that hooks up to a hose and sprays water and has fountains and all kinds of stuff. Anyway, we decided to take it out on Sunday since the weather was fantastic and warm. We also filled up the play pool that blows up and see if he would also take a dip.

His other Grandma (and Papu) got him a rocking mini-adorondack chair, so we put that together and he liked to rock in it. Now he has a favorite chair for inside and one for outside.

We dressed him up in his new water-sneakers and swimming trunks, slathered him with SPF 200 and filled up the pool with water. I tried to coax him into the pool but he wasn't having much to do with it, he got in up to his arm, but the water was cold.

We also let him play in the mini water park that GG got him, but he would only get close to it. He likes the idea of water, but somewhere between his elbow and his shoulder the idea becomes a bad idea. I don't get it, but then again, I'm not Jack.

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