Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Fourth with The O'Briens

After the parade, we each took a shower and let Jack get his nap on and then headed over to Jim and Reets for a barbeque and see the family. Grandma was there as well as Mrs. O'Brien and later the nieces showed up, fresh from their trip from California.

We got in a game of croquet on the lawn before the rain started. We spent the rest of the time up on their porch, which is a really nice way to relax. Jack made the rounds by walking around a bit and showing off this new skill. The nieces like to see him and are interested in stuff that he does - he is more and more interactive each time they see him, so he gets more attention each time.

The burgers were great and we all had a good time. We left about 8 cause Jack goes down about then, and didn't watch the fireworks in the city. Probably a good thing cause apparently some went off in a crowd in Vienna and injured a few people. It was a quiet fourth, but next year, we will take him out and see how it goes.

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