Sunday, November 11, 2012

Marbles in Raleigh

We had friends visiting from Charlotte this weekend and wanted to do something with the kids so we decided on going in to Raleigh and going to Marbles. This place is a kid learning zone that is set up with activities, sets that are them driven and space to explore and learn.

It cost $5 per person and you get the run of the place for as long as you wish. Opens at 9am and closes at 5pm, six days a week.
 The outside of Marbles.
 They had big blocks that the kids could build things with in a free play area.

 Streamers that cover the second floor.
 Hula hoops and jump rope.
 Luke on the bus, driving it.

 The back of the buss had a slide, which Emma decided to exit after playing in the bus.

 The "town", which had an ambulance, Bus, Vets office, market, boat and even a tree house.

 The ambulance, with working red lights.

 An inspirational quote from Fred Rogers. "Play gives children a chance to practice what they want to be."

 The stables

 The Veterinarians office, complete with X-Ray and checkup table.

 A little red car that Luke liked to drive.

 An over-sized Connect Four. I played Jack and won. I never win.

 Over-sized Chess board with big playing pieces.

 The Market and kitchen area.

 A smaller discovery area to play with.

 Jack with the tree house behind him.

 The water play and discovery area. Emma LOVED this, had to drag her away from this. She is a water baby.

 The submarine in the water play area.

 Who is that?!!

 Push those buttons, Emma!

 Jack discovering the Blue Marble, the pirate ship. Arrrrrrgh.

 The garden area, whcih had a real garden growing vegetables and flowers and a sun powered fan in the shape of a huge flower.

 Jack riding the wooden log dog.

 The kids chilling out while the adults decided on food.

 Stephanie, Rustyn and Luke taking a break and eating the yummy wraps. Mmmm, the food was good and the service was nice. People are nice here!

As you leave, they ahd a sticker tree that you could put leave your sticker. That way, it wasn't littering the outside of the place and nobosy gives them away so someone gets in for free. Smart.

Really impressed with this place and will be going back with the cousins next time. Great time, easy parking and very affordable.

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