Friday, November 11, 2011

Adjusting to School

Happy Jack on his way in to school.

Jack waiting in the cafeteria.

We don't have a great picture of a smiling Jack on his first day of Kindergarten because he was having none of it. He did not want to go and was put-off that he had to go that first day. He cried, Mom cried, I almost cried (OK, not really, but I it makes me sound all sensitive)

But we were assured that he was going to be fine and we knew that but it was a little emotional at the time. Well, when I picked him up he was all smiles and told me he made a friend and had a great time. I asked who is friend is, he didn't know. I asked what he looked like, he said he didn't know. I asked if he was in his class or in just SACC, he said he didn't know. He did remember that he had on a green shirt, though.

Well, ever since then he looks forward to school and is always ready to go and wants to get there. Sometimes we are a little too early and he has to wait in the cafeteria (they aren't allowed in their classrooms until 10 minutes before class starts, not sure why - something about keeping kids from roaming the halls and keeping them confined, ha!)

So anyway, he had a bad start but its been all good ever since. We just had our first parent/teacher meeting this week and he is doing great, so that is good news.

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