Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

I actually like the pizza at Chuck E Cheese's.

Jack and his buds at "Chucks".

Air Hockey at CECs.

We went to a Par-Tay at Chuck E. Cheese's this weekend for a five year old. I forgot just how much energy is expended at these events. Tons of games, parents and over-sugared little ones that its overwhelming to a 4-year-old, let alone a 41-year-old.

We got a little bucket of coins when we got there from the host mommy, and went through those in a split second. The pizza wasn't ready just yet, so I went and got a few more for $10. Now, if you have never been to CEC, its like legalized gambling for kids. You pay for some tokens and use those tokens in their machines to play games. Some require skill, like Skee Ball and some do not, like riding the big plastic train. When you play these games, you get tickets and at the end, when you have exhausted your token, you can turn in your tickets for a receipt which has your tabulated ticket count.

You take that receipt to the counter of prizes and you "cash" them in. Jack and I managed to cash our $10 worth of tokens and changed that into 3 Iron Man pencils and a tootsie roll. The place makes a killing, not many CECs going out of business, have you noticed?

One of the better uses for those tokens is if use them to get a picture.

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