Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Out of Area

We get an inordinate amount of "Out Of Area" calls that show up on our Caller ID. These are usually political calls or "surveys". These surveys are just a masked telemarketing call that is disguised thinly as a survey. Are you happy with your current brand of siding? Well, if you aren't, or would like to know more about siding, let me connect you with someone who would like to talk to you about siding and siding products.

Gimme a break. I checked my caller ID and 14 out of 32 calls are "Out of Area", which translates easily to telemarketing call. Why do we even have caller ID if for the original reason we got it was to spot and stop those goddamn calls? We pay how much each month for this "Service"?

I also thought I was on the Do Not Call list too. What happened to that? Something needs to be done I tell you (shaking fist in the air).

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