Monday, March 22, 2010

Value Pack

We were in Target Sunday afternoon for some odds and ends. I needed to pick up some more dental floss, since I am should be doing this more and more these days. When I find the aisle that has all the dental care products, I find the brand of floss I use (Glide, mint flavored). I spot a "Value-Pack" of two and pick it up, barely noticing the price. Then I spot a single of the same product and it strikes me that its more when you buy two, of the value-pack.

I can't process this, so I read the package and sure enough, they are both the same product, 40 meters of Glide, mint-flavored floss.

I took a picture so I could be sure that I had this right:

So when you pick up a "Value-Pack", be sure to look at the price, you may find the value is actually theirs, not yours.

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