Monday, August 31, 2009

The Aquarium (Part 1)

The South Carolina Aquarium is a great place to visit, relatively inexpensive and full of fun things to do. We went on Monday, so there were very few tourists there an the place was not crowded anyway.

I took a few pics, this one being my favorite, of Kate and Jack outside the aquarium in front of a nice fountain. Charleston is full of fountains and water features. The weather was bit hot, but it was nice that morning. The afternoon was a different story.

They had several displays, the first was the wetlands, which housed snakes, fresh-water fish, crocs and turtles. The exhibits were glass-enclosed, so you could get right up close to the animals and watch them a few inches away of you wished. The Rattlesnakes were a real treat since you could never get that close to one without some serious repercussions.

Jack liked looking at all the alligators and fish as well. I liked the river otters, who are the clowns of the Aquarium.

Here are the Otters, they had just been fed, so they were frolicking and chewing and washing. Its best to see them after they eat, because they are much more lively and active.

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witch said...

Didn't realize that you got such video of the otters. Great!