Friday, July 3, 2009

The Hundred Dollar Tip

I went with jack Wednesday night for some dinner at Subway, he loves, I love it, its all good and the Korean ladies love to see Jack. While I was paying for the sub, I had jack up on the counter because he likes to be up close to the action since he can't see anything above the counter and its all magic if you can't see above the counter.

He says to me, hey, can I have some money and starts to reach into the tip jar, but I told him that that jar is for tips, you ut money in, not take it out. It is for the ladies that work there. I looked down into the jar (box) and noticed that the dollar in there was actually a hundred dollar bill. I alerted the ladies that they had a hundred dollar bill in their tip jar and they just smiled and said, "yes, yes" like it was no big deal.

I took a picture just to be sure of what I saw and wanted to blog a note about it.

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