Tuesday, February 17, 2009


He has been singing this song the last few days as he is playing. I have no idea where he picked it up, but he just breaks out into song sometimes. I asked him to sing it and he did it for me. He is getting much less shy lately and will talk and talk and sing out of nowhere. At the Car Wash the other day he pointed out everything and commented on it.*

The song goes:
Down by the Seashore Early in the Morning,
See the Little Puffer-Bellies all in a Row,
See the Station-Master Pull the Little Handle,
Drop-Drop, Toot-Toot, Off They Go.

*The car wash broke a hydraulic hose while our car was going through, so they had to shut down the whole system and then washed our car by hand to make sure none of the hydraulic fluid was on the car. We also got a free coupon for our next wash. We spent an extra 15 minutes there and Jack pointed out everything in the place (hoola girl, hoses, spinny things, cars, etc.)

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