Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rock Star

Jack has gotten into playing a toy guitar and running back and forth across the room while it plays and then falling down when the song is over. I have no idea how he got onto this, but it is as entertaining to him as it is to us, so we let him do his thing.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bob Marley pen & ink

I created a painting of Bob Marley for my series of Tootsie Pop Art. I didn't like how it was working, so I created a pen and ink sketch so I could work out the shading problems.

Here it is:

Pics of Us

Kate took some cute pics of me and Jack and I took one of her and Jack.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

(O'Brien) Butterflies

I created these butterflies for my nieces, The shapes are not only butterflies, but also their initials. Collen, Ally and Meghan O'Brien.


Jack was playing with the Play Doh the other day and Kate shot this little movie of him and the squeeeezie tool that makes "speghetti".

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cornholio and the Soaphawk

When I used to watch Bevis & Butthead (OK, I still watch them), there was a character that Butthead created, "Cornholio". He would take his hands and, well, I'll let my boy show you:

Is this detrimental to his development? Is this possibly a blow to his general well-being? I don't know, but its fun to do stuff like this. At least I'm not giving him sips of beer or blowing smoke in his face or something.

I am so jealous of his hair. I don't have any (its all migrated to other areas, like my ears) and long for the days when I too, had long locks of hair. So when its bath time, sometimes I get to do stuff like this: The Soaphawk.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My New Guilty Pleasure

Its another blog, but its comedic gold. Cakewrecks is a hilarious take on cakes that are bad, mad and just plain crazy.

I showed Kate and she laughed so hard, she cried. Its that good. As my sister would say: Trust.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ECCC Pictures

Last week was the end of the Child Care year, so they gave us an album of all the cool things Jack has done over the last year. We also got the leftover pictures as well. They did a great job with the scrapbook.

Here are a few shots they took over the last year that were pretty cute:
Just relaxing. Checking out the cell phone with legs crossed.

Cupcake frosting

Hey, Mom, who does this picture remind you of?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lego Convention (Part 3)

Miscellaneous Pics:
Yellow Castle:

VW Beetle:

Another Village:



Old City Block:



Futuristic City:

An Army of Knights:

Apocalyptic City:

Lego Convention (Part 2)


Lord of the Rings:

The movies were well represented:

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Well of Lost Souls:

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Convoy

Gotham City:

Lego Convention (Part 1)

I got a few hours to myself this past weekend and decided to go to the Lego convention in Tysons Corner. It was a bit of a madhouse, with just as many adults as kids running around. I judge these events by the number of fanny packs that people wear, the higher the number, the geekier it is. This event was only 3 out of 10 fanny packs. This isn't on the scale of a Linux festival, but it had a few social misfits in the bunch. The guys that build the animals and Bionicle figures were suspect for knowing the general anatomy of a female, if ya know what I mean.

Here are some of the many pictures
BattleStar Gallactica was well-represented:

As was Star Wars:

A Giant Robot:

A Church:

A Ferris Wheel:

A Fort:

An Airport:

Dinner with Jim & Reet

We went to dinner with Jim & Reet this weekend, its ben a while since we had them to ourselves, so we took the opportunity to spend some time with them.

We had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays at Fairfax Circle. After we ate, we noticed that there were some old cars parked in the lot with a few people standing around. Jim, being the motorhead that he is, gravitated towards the cars. There were 1950's and 60s cars, all in great working order and restored really well. I remember seeing a 65 Mustang, a 56 Cadillac, a ragtop chevy with a V8 and a Jaguar. We also saw two deuce coops, one was yellow and the other was silver - very niiiiiice.

Kate S's Birthday Dinner

Kate S. had a birthday the week before last and we went out to dinner in DC. We hadn't been out in a while, so we got a sitter for the night and drove into DC. We went to a place on 21st and E street, I forgot the name, but it is connected to a nice hotel which has a statue of Marilyn Monroe in the lobby. Had a drink in the bar until everyone arrived and then sat down for some dinner.

The dinner was nice (I had two glasses of wine so I was feeling very good) and the company was pretty good, too. Mostly people from Kate's work; Kate S, Patrick, Julie, Jerome, other Julie and some other people I only met once before.

I had the scallops wrapped in bacon, mmmmmm. bacon.

Kate and Me before we went out.

Statue of Marilyn in the lobby.