Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kate S's Birthday Dinner

Kate S. had a birthday the week before last and we went out to dinner in DC. We hadn't been out in a while, so we got a sitter for the night and drove into DC. We went to a place on 21st and E street, I forgot the name, but it is connected to a nice hotel which has a statue of Marilyn Monroe in the lobby. Had a drink in the bar until everyone arrived and then sat down for some dinner.

The dinner was nice (I had two glasses of wine so I was feeling very good) and the company was pretty good, too. Mostly people from Kate's work; Kate S, Patrick, Julie, Jerome, other Julie and some other people I only met once before.

I had the scallops wrapped in bacon, mmmmmm. bacon.

Kate and Me before we went out.

Statue of Marilyn in the lobby.

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