Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not Going to Be A Millionaire

I went to try out for "Millionaire" this past Friday up in Maryland. I had such high hopes since my twin had made it on the show just about a year ago. (He walked away with $1000)

I wasn't as lucky (or smart) because I didn't make it past the test(s) that they administered. The first test was all about movies and the questions were tough, like what were the last words in the movie "The Witness" and what was the name of Marylin Monroe's character in Some Like It Hot?

The general questions test was just as tough with questions such as "what is a maillet".

So, hats off to you, Kenny, I guess I have to admit that you are smarter than me - whew, that was tough.

I just wish I had the test that had questions dealing with junk food, bad 80's movies and hair loss - my wheelhouse of knowledge.

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