Sunday, May 6, 2007

A New Car

Kate's Jetta had more problems beginning two weeks ago, the engine light went on and that is never good. In the last year and a half, we have replaced the bumper, side mirror, alternator, battery, reset the front bumper, repainted one of the back quarter panels and replaced the oil pan after it was ripped off by a huge pot hole.

So we had been planning to get a new car for the last few months and the engine light was the last straw, so Kate went and got a new Camry (Hybrid). It sails smoothly, gets great gas mileage and is real good looking. It has a navigation system, keyless entry and 6-CD changer behind the LCD screen.

Dinner with Joe, Lisa and Joe Jr.

We went over to Joe and Lisa's to have dinner last week and had the cousins play together for a little while. Joe Jr is getting big and is learning new words weekly. It will probably get busy in the next few weeks because Lisa is approaching her due date, so that household will be getting pretty chaotic very soon.

The boys playing:

More Pics of Jack

We snapped these in the morning a few weeks ago:

Jealous Jack

Jack was jealous of Luke trying to get on his toy car. He guarded it after Luke lost his interest and stood by it for a few more minutes afterward.

He is a funny little man.


I cleaned up the yard a bit and gave it its first mow of the season. Planted a few Gerbara Daisies and spread some mulch around. Its finally spring and time to cook out.

I didn't do this just for myself, Kate and I decided to invite over a few friends and put some dogs on the grill.

Thai Phi and Adam (and Itse, their beagle), Barb and Val, and Brian and Melissa. It was great to see everyone and a special treat to see Brian and Melissa, who we hadn't seen in over a year. They had baby twin boys about the same time Jack was born. I can hardly keep up with one kid, let alone two.

The boys all got a long great, Jack did get a little competitive when it came to his toy car, he wouldn't let Luke on it.

Here are some pictures of the day: