Friday, March 9, 2007

Virus Outbreak

Monday evening I began to have some stomach discomfort, felt like I had a case of indigestion, so I took some Pepto-Bismol. An hour later I was nautious and felt like I was going to hurl. I raced upstairs, but I didn't, even though my stomach muscles had begun to contract a little. I got the chills next, followed by muscle aches. I stayed upstairs and slept up there to stay away from Kate and Jack. I didn't want to spread what I had and have all of us sick.

I didn't sleep much because of the muscle aches, and the Tylenol didn't make much difference, but managed to fall asleep around 5am and slept for a few hours. I didn't go to work Tuesday, Kate took great care of Jack and got him to daycare.

I felt alot better by the middle of the day, but for the next few days, my appetite had decreased and I had a knot in my stomach. That finally went away this morning.

Wednesday evening, Jack spit-up a little and when Kate put him to sleep, he hurled a bunch. He still fell asleep, but when the 3 o-clock feeding happened, he did it again. We took him to the pediatrician in the morning and since he had diarrhea, it was determined that it is a virus. (norovirus?)

He quit vomiting thursday evening, but had a fever and would not sleep. I stayed up with him most of the night and ran a wet washcloth across his back and arms to help reduce the fever. It finally broke late today and is now sleeping good. He was miserable all day and to complicate his condition, he is teething again.

The good thing about him crying over the teething is that it is a good way to determine that he is getting enough fluids. The danger with the virus is that he could easily get dehydrated.

Infant Motrin is a wonderful product.

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Abigail said...

Sounds like Jack is a real trooper (must get that from his mom :P) hehe, just teasing J. Loved your post on the local bonehead weather people, I think they 'school' them that way because it's like that everywhere.
I am a bit disappointed since I heard that some more Jack videos would be appearing on your site and I don't see them on here. Of course, I'm way behind on even pictures on my site, so I'm not trying to throw stones or anything.