Sunday, November 26, 2006


We went down to Raleigh (pronounced Rolly), where Kate's sister lives, for this years Thanksgiving. The trip down was uneventful and it was good to see everyone. It was a great opportunity to see Ellie, Abbie's/Jason's little girl, who is ten days older than Jack and also Jack's cousin. I wish I had taken more shots of Jason and Abbie.

Other members of the family also met us there, Tino and Kathleen, who are my outlaws (inlaws) and Frank, Debbie and Maddy. Frank is Kate and Abbie's brother. Frank brought down the turkey and a fryer. I have never had a fried turkey before, but I heard it is a treat, so I was pretty excited about that. I was also worried that we would set the house (or at least the back yard) on fire in the process of frying this turkey, but it turned out well. We had a tense moment when the oil boiled over at first, but it only flamed up a bit and did not cause a 3-alarmer. I wish I had taken a few pics of that, but I was busy.

Maddy, Jack and Ellie spent a good amount of time together and played, Jack is becoming much more social an using his hands alot more. Ellie is definitely a thinker, she picks up an object and will study it from every angle, then promptly put it in her mouth.

Here is a pic of all three of the cousins; Ellie, Maddy and Jack.

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