Monday, May 23, 2011

Judgement Day

So Saturday came and went and nothing much happened except a few people were proven idiots.

I prefer to spell it as Judgement and not Judgment, I think that is a lazy way to spell it. Blogger prefers I spell it without the extra "e", even though both are in the Miriam-Webster Dictionary.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mason's Party

Jack and I attended his buddy Masons Birthday party today at a golf range and hit a few balls, ate some pizza and cake and opened presents.

R2-D2 Shirt

When I made that R2 sticker earlier, I decided I was going to make a shirt for Jack as well since he had been asking for one. This is the outcome of that. I added a bubble as if R2 is saying something, its binary for "WTF?"

If the nephews in Georgia want their own, I will entertain their request.

Pit Fire (Divorce Paper Burning Edition)

We had a pit fire last night and Catherine (our neighbor) came by with her old divorce papers so she could burn them. I am sure it was satisfying for her to burn those since she has a new boyfriend and can let go of that part of her life.

It was fun to sit around under the cool spring night and drink home made Ginger Ale beer. The weather was great and we brought out the baby monitor to keep tabs on Emma while we made smores.

Lego Store

Jack is enamored with Legos and Star Wars, so what happens when there are Star Wars themed Legos? Obsession.

When I told jack there was a Lego store that only sold Legos he talked about going to that store for a week or two, so we went on Saturday so he could see stuff he might want for his birthday. He found at AT-AT and a few other Lego sets. I have the others saved on my Amazon Wish List since they don't sell them at the Lego store.

The term "Kid in a Candy Store" fit this situation.

False Signs

This Stop sign is located around the block from our house, it has a sticker on the back that certifies it as an actual Stop sign. If you run this, you can get a ticket for $100 or more and a few points on your license.

This is that sticker that is on the back that certifies it as an actual stop sign. If it didn't have this sticker, it would not be a legal stop sign. You can find stop signs that don't have these stickers on them on private property like strip malls and parking lots. They have no legal power behind them.

Thank You!

We got a package in the mail the other day, addressed to Emma, her first package in the mail. We opened it up and found a gorgeous wind-up snow globe that had Emmas name engraved into it. It plays Brahms Lullaby and was sent to us by my Mom and Dad. How thoughtful! Thank you, Mom!

R2-D2 Sticker

I cut vinyl sometimes for shirts or as stickers and give them to friends. Jack is into Star Wars and likes the R2D2 character, so I made a vinyl sticker of R2D2 and then stuck it on my laptop. I gave the other to Jack, he has to figure out where he wants to stick his, hopefully not onto the car.


I went to work the other day and as I left, Emma was sleeping so peacefully so I snapped this picture.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Baby Monitor

These monitors are great. For Jack we had one that was just voice, but the technology has matured so that they have a camera now with sound and they can even see in the dark using infrared light. Now we can sit downstairs while Emma is sleeping up stairs and still check on her.

GG meets Emma

We went to visit GG last weekend. She was so happy to see us and meet Emma.

Little Hiccups

Like Kate, she gets the hiccups regularly but hers are so much cuter!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jack and Emma

I captured these yesterday when Jack said he wanted to hold her. He is always kissing on her and wants to give her hugs. A very good big brother.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Emma in her Bouncy Chair

Emma is doing great. We went to the doctors and she has gained back her weight really fast so we are only giving her a bottle right before she goes down for the night. She only sleeps a few hours so Kate is pretty tired most of the time but I try to help out when I can. OK, lets face it, I don't help out that much, a diaper here, a bottle there. Kate is doing it all for the most part and I have no idea how she does it.

I think she is just angling for a decent Mothers Day present.