Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3D Television

We went to Costco on Monday to get me some new glasses (and contacts) and stopped by the huge TVs that were on display next to the Glasses/Eye Center. The newest technology was 3D that they were pushing and had displays set up so you could try on goggles and test out the 3D. I tried the Sony and I gotta say that, its sucked. I could not tell the difference from having the goggles on and not having them on. Then I tried the Panasonic and it was pretty good. You could really see the 3D with the goggles on. The only trouble is, you had to have the goggles on and they look dorky.

Case in point:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playdate with Mason

One of Jack's buddies from ECCC had us over today for a play date. Mason is like Jack's best friend, so his mommy wanted to invite us over so the boys could spend some time playing together since they never see each other unless its at the child care center.

They had lunch together, played with their cars, watched some TV and we even went to the park around the corner. A good time had by all. Thanks Mason and Shea (Mason's Mommy) for showing us a great time.

Eating Grilled Cheese and making funny faces.

The roundy-round slide at the park.

The boys played like squirrels and gathered nuts so they could roll them down the slide. (Kids will find fun in anything)


Hey Mom, the paperwhite bulbs you sent a few weeks ago have started to bloom. I set them in the window and water them each day. The shoots started out quick and now the blooms have started to open up.

Thanks for such beautiful flowers, they really brighten the place up.

Hangin with the Cousins

The cousins from DC stopped by yesterday for some fun at the park. Joe Jr. and Beckett had their people call Jack's people (us) and we set up a play date and decided on the park up the street. We brought the dog along too and ran around until we had enough and then went to Ruby Tuesdays for some lunch.

BTW, I like the new menu at Ruby's, the turkey burger is awesome.

All three boys together, Joe Jr., Beckett and Jack.



Just watch This.

This kid ties his shoes by seeming to shake them. The trick is that the shoes strings are being held in his pants and his already-tied shoelaces are tucked under his pants leg. He just releases them when he shakes his leg and it looks like he tied them by shaking his leg. The video is convincing.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I was at work on Monday and was setting up something on one of the cubicle desks, as I pushed a lamp to make room I see these huge sparkle and hear a "ZZzzzzzzt!". It was the lamp. Apparently it made contact with a metal light shade that was attached to the cubicle and created a short, which sent sparks shooting and created an arc.

Here's the lamp next t the cubicle after it arced.

And here is the mark it left on the cubicle.

Close call.


I found this pic on the web and thought it was genius. How creative.

The Envleope Please

Here is the envelope I made Kate for Valentine's, I decorated it with a bunch of hearts, one of which has an arrow through it. Can yu find it?

Friday, February 4, 2011


Found this blog all about Photos that are literal.
Click Here

The Learning Channel

This is hilarious, someone decided to do a little mocking of TLC and their current "The Learning Channel" line-up. Click Here To See It

Dumbass of the Week

This is Cody Wilkins, he lives in Silver Spring. Currently, though, he resides in jail in Silver Spring because he was caught burglarizing one of his neighbor homes. He has been charged with about 10 of these burglaries.

Cody had been out of electricity for the last few days because of the snow storm, so he needed a place to charge his phone. So while he was burglarizing one home, he was also charging his phone. The problem is that someone came home while he was in the middle of burgling and he fled, without his phone.

After that it was pretty easy to find out who the phone belonged to and eventually they tracked him down.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank You

We got a few cards in the mail today...

Thank you Mom and Dad!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Empire Reminds You To Smile

Here's the latest shirt design I made. I think the Empire gets a bad rap and just needs better PR.