Monday, April 16, 2007

High Winds

I woke up this morning and looked out the back window to find that our Cherry tree had blown over last night. 45 mph winds and soggy ground will do that, but it will usually pull the tree up, but our cherry tree was broken, at the base.

I will miss that tree, it bared fruit every summer and if you got to them before the birds did, it was a treat to bite into those fresh cherries. (It wasn't if they weren't ripe, though.)

You could tell when they would get sweet when the birds, usually Crows, Robins and Starlings would gather in the back yard and feast by the dozens.

Goodbye, Sweet Cherry Tree. :(

Still Celebrating My Birthday

We went to Tim and Karen's this weekend to co-celebrate my birthday and Tim's. We had lasagna and our own chocolate cakes. Tim's cake had many more candles on his cake, cause he turned 60 this year!

I also got a Wacom Drawing tablet for my computer. It allows me to draw on a tablet that plugs into my computer, so its just like drawing, except with a computer. Very cool.

I also got a few pics with Jack and his uncle Zach, Grandfather Tim and Grandma Karen.

Jack was pooped at the end of the day.

Easter Moola

Jack got some Easter money from Grandma Witchey and we decided to take a picture of him holding the loot so we could post it for Grandma.

We have to be equally represented, so I got Kate to take a pictyure of me with Jack, too.


Kate made Jack and me an Easter basket and we opened them on Sunday morning. I slept in and missed it, but Kate got a few pictures of Jack "finding" his basket and its contents.

The Circus

For my birthday, the O'Briens got us a few tickets to the Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus. It was on Saturday (before easter) at the Patriot Center at GMU. We went early because they had a little preshow where we were let down on the arena floor and had a few mini-shows.

Some clowns were walking around and entertaining the crowd while we watched acrobats, elephants and a donkey/zebra hybrid, which was interesting.

Jack slept through all that, but woke up for the show and cried when the crowd first "Ooohed" and clapped. It scared him, but he rallied and would clap when everyone else did and watched the crowd as much as he watched the show. He thought it was fascinating.

Allie and Colleen, two of the three cousins.

We all had a great time - even though we left after the intermission because it was Jacks bedtime -I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing.

Another Cheerios Pic

Kate made me post this one to make up for the other Cheerio pic.

Runny Nose + Cheerios =

Each morning we sit Jack down in his chair and strap him in. He LOVES his Cheerios; he picks them up and likes to feed himself. He also likes to hit the table to make them "jump". The dog likes for him to do that as well, since the usually end up on the floor just after that.

He has four teeth coming in all at once, so he has had a lot of congestion. He gets a runny nose some times and this is what happens when he feeds himself the Cheerios with a ruddy nodes.