Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rolly (Raleigh) Visit

Here are some pics of from the visit to Raleigh this weekend. I will post more tomorrow.

Little Nate smiling

Jack and Ellie outside playing (took six shots to get these two to stand still and not close their eyes)

I got one of Ellie smiling!

Ellie trying to get Jacks attention and Nate watching (this photo is a microcosm of the entire weekend between these three)

All 3 (Ellie, Jack and Nate)

Ellie and her camera

Visit with the Fritzs

We stopped by the Fritzs to see how they are all doing and I am happy to report that they are doing fine. We had pizza and we also co-celebrated Tim and my birthday with cake. Jack was exhausted when we left, he slept so good that night, he was too pooped to pop.

The Fritzs.

Jack showing Grandma Fritz the trains on his new placemat.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Dinner

We went to Jim and Reets for Easter dinner on Sunday and the whole crowd was there. Caught up with the O'Briens and played with all the kids. The grass was already green so we spent most of the time outside throwing the ball or chasing after each other playing tag or hide n' seek. Reet gets everyone baskets and stocks it with toys and sweets, so I had chocolate on top of chocolate because the Easter Bunny made another basket for me at home.

Dinner was great, ham and green beans and rolls. I sat with Kate, Jack and GG. Jack toasted GG and Kate many, many times. When is it too early to worry your kid seems to like the whole drinking thing too much?

(That's water in his wine glass, BTW)


Is this an egg? Yep.

Easter Egg Coloring

Here's the creative part of Easter with kids, coloring the eggs.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, Gramma! He nailed this one.

Happy Easter, GG and PapaJohn! Didn't nail this one.

Kathleen and Jack

Jack loves t stick his tongue out. Does it when he is trying something new, or balancing, or even walking sometimes. He gets this from Kathleen. One of the "goofy" genes from that side of the family.

Gramma Comes to Visit

Kathleen was here last weekend and stopped in to see us. Jack and me met her at the mall and had dinner together. She only stayed a day, but it was good to see her.