Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Trip Home (Flagrant Fowl)

An ironic thing happened on the way home from Rolly (Raleigh) after Thanksgiving; we had been driving on 85 heading east towards Richmond for about 30 minutes, just short of Lawrenceville. I'm in the left lane going just above the speed limit and I spot something in my peripheral vision to the left, before I could even react, I see its a VERY LARGE BIRD, a wild turkey - flying into our path and WHAM! It was a turkey hen, probably about 10-14 pounds.

The car was jolted a little and I looked into the rear view mirror and saw nothing but feathers (just like in a cartoon). I got into the right lane and looked for a safe place to pull over. Kate asked what happened and I told her, but she couldn't really comprehend the situation. I really couldn't either.

A car passed us that was behind us and looked over at us with a look of "What the?" (or maybe it was horror). I pictured the severed head of the turkey dangling from our wheel well and blood splattered down the side of the car.

I FINALLY found a safe place to pull over at an exit (about 6 or 7 miles down the road) to survey the damage.

The sideview mirror was knocked with such a force, that it broke the glass, but didn't break off the housing. There is a dent in the side of the car, just forward of the driver's side door, but behind the wheel well. Nothing else.

Here is a picture of the damage, I stopped at a gas station and duct-taped a mirror to the side view mirror so I could see better for the rest of the trip.

The ironic thing is that it was the day after Thanksgiving - and I hit a turkey.

Thank god it had just taken off and was flying low, otherwise it would have probably gone through the windshield. I am also glad it happened so fast that it didn't even feel a thing.



We went down to Raleigh (pronounced Rolly), where Kate's sister lives, for this years Thanksgiving. The trip down was uneventful and it was good to see everyone. It was a great opportunity to see Ellie, Abbie's/Jason's little girl, who is ten days older than Jack and also Jack's cousin. I wish I had taken more shots of Jason and Abbie.

Other members of the family also met us there, Tino and Kathleen, who are my outlaws (inlaws) and Frank, Debbie and Maddy. Frank is Kate and Abbie's brother. Frank brought down the turkey and a fryer. I have never had a fried turkey before, but I heard it is a treat, so I was pretty excited about that. I was also worried that we would set the house (or at least the back yard) on fire in the process of frying this turkey, but it turned out well. We had a tense moment when the oil boiled over at first, but it only flamed up a bit and did not cause a 3-alarmer. I wish I had taken a few pics of that, but I was busy.

Maddy, Jack and Ellie spent a good amount of time together and played, Jack is becoming much more social an using his hands alot more. Ellie is definitely a thinker, she picks up an object and will study it from every angle, then promptly put it in her mouth.

Here is a pic of all three of the cousins; Ellie, Maddy and Jack.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kate and Abbie

Here is Kate and Abbie holding Jack and Ellie at the party after Jack's baptism.

More Family

Here is Kate's Mom with the two grandchildren (Jack and Ellie) when she came up to visit for the Baptism. Jack and Ellie are ten days apart.


I created an illustration of a squirrel, but am not sure what to call him:

Squeaky, Squiggly, Squatchy, Robert?

Any ideas out there?


More Illustrations

I got some good feedback from my Mom about the little devil/angel I put up last week. So I wanted to post a few of the animals I illustrated for the Activity Book that I did for the Library.

I didn't color them in (except the Killer Whale) cause they are for a Coloring/Activity Booklet.

Visiting GG

Kate and I went to visit GG on Saturday. Jack liked being there and was very happy to sit in her lap for a few hours and just look around. It was good to see GG since we don't have as much free time to visit as we once had. We promised to do dinner together next week, after Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Redskins Jersey

Auntie Val and Auntie Barb got Jack a jersey and sweatshirt when they were at the Redskins game (the big win over Dallas). So I thought I would snap a few pictures of him wearing it. He wore the sweatshirt on Sunday for the game, but it didn't bring them any luck, we got trounced.

Thank you Auntie Val and Auntie Barb - Go Skins!


The Moose is Loose

Mom sent a riding Moose for Jack the other day so I promised that I would get a picture of Jack riding (sitting) on it. I put him on it and he grabbed onto the handles, but hasn't gotten the whole balance thing figured out. Acident averted, I had kate hold him while I snapped this pic.

Here it is, he needs a little help to stay on, but seems to like it. :)


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Duality of Man (Illustration)

I do illustrations all the time and most recently completed a coloring book for the Library (my employer). I started a sketch a few weeks ago and finished it lately.

I guess I got tired of drawing/sketching animals and let my mind float. A little Bubble Gum for the mind. :)


The Wife

Ahh, what would I do without her? I took this pic a few weeks ago, but its the best one yet of both of them. She really glows ever since Jack was born and you can see it in her skin.

The other picture is her and Jack on her laptop.

I just got a big Moose in the mail from Mom, but I can't take a pic of Jack riding it until tomorrow (he's sleeping now). So I will get that up real soon, Ma! I promise.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Stoop Steps

Kate's father came over early Sunday morning with a new stoop step for our front stoop. The old one had been slowly sinking into the ground and had become a hazard. We broke the cement step up with a pick and sledgehammer. Tim (Kate's father) got the worst of it when a couple of shards nicked his cheek and hand. I am glad I asked him to wear plastic goggles.

It was hard labor and wore me out, but well worth it. The picture shows the new two-step stoop steps (say that real fast).


Sitting Up (trying)

We snapped a few pictures this weekend of Jack sitting up and trying to balance himself. He can do it for a minute, but then usually falls to one side and ends up as a roll onto his back.



I created this so that I could keep in better contact with Mom and Dad (and my siblings) and keep them up to date on how we are all doing. Mom sent me an email that had a link to a blog of one the neighbors and asked if I could do something like that.

Well, I guess I can.